Foot Fetish

Pantyhose Schoolteacher Sex Chat

I have a fantasy I would like to chat about. I am a student at a very proper school. I walk into the classroom after school. The teacher is sitting at her desk doing some grading. She is wearing teaching attire with tan nylons and flats. The teacher has painted toenails (could be any color).

Teacher: “Hi. What can I help you with?”

Student: “I just had a couple problems I needed help with.”

Teacher: “Yeah sure I can help you with those. Just give me a couple minutes to finish some of this grading and we’ll work through those together. Pull up a chair next to me and I’ll help you as soon as I finish this up.”

Student: “Ok thanks. [student takes chair and puts it to the left of the teacher and they share the desk]

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During this part of the video I want to get some shots of the teacher dangling her flats from under the chair. Every few seconds the teacher glances over at the student noticing that I’m staring.

Teacher: “What are you looking at?” [teacher smiles]

Student: “I was just looking at the ‘socks’ on your feet. What are those?”

Teacher: “[Laughs]. Oh they aren’t really socks. They’re stockings. See? [Teacher takes her foot out of her dangling shoe and raises it up to the students face showing the sole]

Student: “Wow. Do they feel soft?”

Teacher: “Yeah. Here, feel them.” [Teacher puts the sole closer]

I lightly touch the bottom of the teachers foot while the teacher giggles. The teacher quickly puts her feet back in her shoes on the floor.

Teacher: “Do they feel soft?”

Student: “Yeah they feel pretty nice.”

Teacher: “Oh, I forgot. Before we get to those problems I just have one more thing to do. I need to hang these papers up n the wall here. Would you mind holding the chair down for me?

Student: “Sure.”

The teacher turns around so that she is kneeling backwards on the chair with her soles facing up where her legs were. The student moves to the chair and holds on to the arms to stabilize it.

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While the teacher puts the papers up on the wall, the student is now free to watch the teacher’s feet lay on the chair while she has her back turned. She begins to casually dangle them by popping her heel out
of the shoe. Soon, she dangles them so much that both her flats fall off and the student is faced with the teacher’s pantyhose soles facing him. While the teacher isn’t looking the student moves closer and
closer to her feet, each time trying to sniff her soles without alerting her. After getting up close with her soles, the student loses all control and decides to go for it. He puts his whole face in her pantyhose
soles and smells them. The teacher notices immediately and gets surprised.

Teacher: “Oh my goodness! What are you doing?

The teacher begins to wiggle her feet while the student still has his face in them.

Teacher: “Um excuse me?

Student finally looks up to see the teacher looking confused

Student: “Sorry I lost my balance.”

Teacher: [Looks at student in disbelief]. “I think you were trying to to sniff my feet. You were, weren’t you?! I don’t know why you’re so fascinated with my feet. They’re just feet.”

Teacher turns back around and sits in the chair normally and puts her flats back on. She looks skeptically at the student while getting back to grading.

Student: Ms. Jasmine?

Teacher: “What?”

Student: “Since you have a lot of work to do I’ll just get help at another time.”

Teacher: “That would actually help me a lot. I just have so much to do.”

Student: “Ok but I just want one thing.”

Teacher: “What’s up?”

Student: “I just want to feel those stockings on my face. Can you put your feet up again so I can smell

Teacher: [The teacher, hesitant and slightly annoyed, puts both of her soles up to the students face.]

“Only for a few seconds and then you’re done. Ok? This is a little innapropriate.”

The student pushes his face into her soles while she wiggles her feet acting surprised.

Teacher: “Ok you’re done now. You’ve smelled my feet enough. Now I really have to get this work done. Run along now.”

Teacher puts her flats back on and gets back to work.