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Sexually Charged Live Chat

Two hot girls are locked in a room. Both girls wake up not knowing where they are after a date night. Feisty girl walks over and attempts to open the door but it is locked Shy girl finds a note on the bed and begins to read it. “I am watching you through the camera […]

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Sex Chat Threesome Blowjob

I am looking for sex chat with a cam girl that includes three participants (two female, one male). I’m not sure if it is much of a fetish (it does satisfy my particular interests) but here goes: I would like a scene where the male is sitting alone on the couch. The two females come […]


Cam Girls Medical Exam

Kenny is a very geeky med student. He’s a prodigy. Horn rimmed glasses, pocket protector. The classic overdone geek look. Really corny. He has a crush on Becka, his really hot neighbor down the street. Becka is being paid by Kenny’s parents by helping him study. She comes over after school in her pigtails and […]

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Pantyhose Schoolteacher Sex Chat

I have a fantasy I would like to chat about. I am a student at a very proper school. I walk into the classroom after school. The teacher is sitting at her desk doing some grading. She is wearing teaching attire with tan nylons and flats. The teacher has painted toenails (could be any color). […]

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Cam Girl Wants to Rim Your Ass

I have a request for a cam girl. It would be oral only, with deepthroating and a lot (a lot) of rimming. I don’t have any specific outfits in mind for this live chat. I sort of consider myself to be a voyeur. I want to see both of them, their faces and how they’re […]

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Aidra Fox POV Dick Massage

Aidra introduces herself as a masseuse, with the ‘nice to meet you vibe’. She is wearing her normal clothing. You both go into the front room and sit down as Aidra discusses what happens during a massage. Aidra explains that you have booked an hour long full body massage, which she will perform in your […]

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Taboo Step-sisters Babysit You

Nikki looks more like a church-going lady-like sister and Jessica has a slutty girl vibe. They’ll get naked fully, but one of them has to wear a thong before they get to that point because thongs are the best. They are step-sisters and they are babysitting me at my house. I’m a naughty boy but […]

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Threesome and a new live-in girlfriend

You are laying in bed caressing your body and telling me that you have been having a very naughty sex fantasy lately. You start saying: “Hey baby, you know ever since you told me that you fantasized about being with another woman I can’t get the image of having sex with another woman out of […]