Ass Masturbation POV

Cam Girl Wants to Rim Your Ass

I have a request for a cam girl. It would be oral only, with deepthroating and a lot (a lot) of rimming. I don’t have any specific outfits in mind for this live chat.

I sort of consider myself to be a voyeur. I want to see both of them, their faces and how they’re reacting to each other. I also want to see the action, and the oral contact being made. This would be especially important for the cumshot. At the same time, I want to see that sort of creativity and spontaneity.

I want to cum to occur while I’m being rimmed. I would probably be sitting down with my legs in the air and cum on my own stomach.

Ideally this would be a dom scene with rough deepthroating and facesitting. It really couldn’t be too extreme for my taste. However, I could be flexible on this point because that type of scene might be difficult to book or not interesting. On the sort of opposite end of the spectrum, if she’s signaling him by moving his hand or body, when to be aggressive or demand a rimjob, that would be fine. My goal is to avoid a scene where I’m totally passive, so while I want to be more aggressive, a scene where I’m dominating her only at her request, when and how she demands it, that would be fine and might be interesting as well.

I am open to he performers in my sex talk, but I’ll suggest five girls and five guys. I am trying to find the right combination of models who would be good and models who don’t do this type of thing often.

1) Marica
2) Casey
3) Kleio
4) Lily L
5) Juliette

1) Zac Wild
2) Connor Kennedy
3) Mike Mancini
4) Rob Carpenter
5) Alex Legend